Find your balance with a biofield tune


Christine is not only an amazing practitioner but a joyful spirit and presence as well. You will leave your biofield tuning session feeling cared for and taken care of, and once again ready to take on your world, in more perfect balance!


Christine has worked on me in person and I felt like it really helped to open me up and clear out some past issues. I'm super excited to see how the group abundance tuning works out for everyone, myself included. Thank you Christine for your expertise, positive messages and vibrations.


Looking forward to the 3rd of 4 abundance tunes this Friday! I am in awe and experiencing a real frequency of abundance! Much gratitude to the weekly tune! Thank you Christine for facilitating incredible shifts in energy intention.


I didn't know much about Biofield tuning.  A couple of my friends were talking about it and had said really good things about Christine.  So I arranged an appointment and now I am going on to my third session. I felt such relief and it has helped with my jumpy legs and my headaches that make my head feel like it is spinning.   Thanks for the help and relief.


A few friends went to Christine biofield fork tuning and asked if I was interested and after two amazing sessions with her I had more energy and my body felt balance and laying on the table felt so relaxing. Christine was very open and spiritual and was very easy to follow her experience on balancing your body. Give it a try and you will be glad you did something for yourself.