How to use affirmation cards:

There are many ways to incorporate affirmation cards into your life:

Daily Draws

Train you mind to focus on positive thoughts and affirmations. Let your subconscious mind hear your words and program your experience and behavior as reflected in the affirmations.

meditation mantras

Pick a card as a mantra for your meditation practice. You can read it out loud or just breathe it in and out as you focus your mind on an inspirational affirmation.

ask specific questions

You can ask general questions or specific questions. Keep in mind that the more specific your question the more specific your answer. For example: "What affirmation will most help me to get into the flow of abundance?"


Affirmation cards can give you an idea of what to work on within yourself. Use your affirmation deck to help you with serious soul searching and personal development. Draw a card to use in conjunction with journaling.


Use the affirmations as messages from your higher self. Your higher self wants you to know certain things to comfort, guide, and illuminate your path. Draw a card when you feel you want to get closer to your higher self.


Draw a card to help bring that energy into your life. Make sure you tune into your higher self often to reflect on what you need in any given moment. Never think that you’re anything less than extraordinary.


Your deck doesn't have to stay all in one piece if you have the urge to share it. You can gift individual cards to different friends and loved ones. Spread the energy and spread the love! 

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