Biofield Tuning is a type of sound healing that helps to relieve emotional and physical stress. It is a holistic wellness modality that uses the vibration from tuning forks to induce targeted relaxation and to recalibrate our vibrational rhythms from stressors that deplete us. Your biofield or aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your body. It is inextricably connected with your conscious and subconscious mind, including all of your memories. A Biofield Tune introduces a coherent sound into the energy field allowing the body's nervous system to release subtle energy that is creating dissonance in our lives. Activating a tuning fork in the biofield offers your body the information it needs to recalibrate itself. This physics based approach to wellness was developed by pioneering researcher, author, and practitioner Eileen Day McKusick and is based on over 20 years of clinical inquiry into the Biofield Anatomy.  

BIOFIELD TUNING IS CONTRAINDICATED FOR THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: Pregnancy · Cancer · Terminal Illness · Pacemaker · Pain Stimulator Implants · People who are very sick

BIOFIELD TUNING MAY HELP WITH THESE CONDITIONS: Pain · Anxiety · Adrenal stress · Digestive issues · Menstrual issues · Depression · Fibromyalgia · Autoimmune diseases · Addiction · Fear/phobias · Panic attacks · Vertigo · PTSD · Migraines/headaches · Restless leg syndrome · Concussion Recovery


During a Biofield Tuning session, a client lies fully clothed on a treatment table while the practitioner slowly scans the body with an activated tuning fork beginning from a distance. Christine, as your practitioner, feels for resistance and turbulence in the your energy field, as well as listens for a change in the overtones and undertones of the tuning fork. When she encounters a turbulent area she continues to activate the tuning fork and hold it in that spot. Research suggests the body organizational energy uses the steady coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to "tune" itself. Soon the dissonance resolves and the resistance gives way. This seems to correspond to the release of subconsciously held tension in the body. 

One might interpret this as a kind of targeted nervous system biofeedback. Eileen has come to see this process as "consciousness hacking", a side-door entry into the psyche - working with what has been hidden in plain view - which assists people in making changes they otherwise could not on their own. 

Holding an activated tuning fork in the area of the traumatic memory or another difficult time period produces repeatable, predictable outcomes. The sound input seems to help the body digest and integrate unprocessed experiences.  As the biofield dissonance subsides, clients generally report feeling "lighter" and a diminishment or resolution of their symptoms.

Eileen suggests a series of three sessions to begin with, generally once a week. Very often issues can be resolved or greatly improved within three sessions, but there is no limit to how many sessions one can receive. Each session builds on the one before it; there are always deeper layers one can address.

*** Biofield Tuning is not advised for individuals who are extremely ill as it may create a strong healing response in the system. As the body releases tension, any toxins that have been held in constricted tissue are released which has the capacity to produce flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, waves of emotion, loose stools and in extreme cases (very rare) rashes and vomiting. Cancer, pregnancy, palliative care, and pacemakers are contraindicated in Biofield Tuning.